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Mitch at workWelcome to Mitchell House Fine Art Sculpture.

Please feel free to contact Mitchell who will be happy to discuss any aspect of his work.
Mitchell is a traditionally trained sculptor with work exhibited nationally and internationally in galleries and public places. He works mainly in iron, bronze and cold cast bronze, though has completed many commissions in other media. With his figurative sculpture, Mitchell aims to capture the stillness that is caught within a blink of an eye that activates the emotional pathways of the soul. His public art is a response to the many factors that are involved in such work, namely, the thoughts and ideas of the community, the environment in which it is situated and the requests of the commissioning body.


Please view the Gallery for images of figurative and other sculpture recently completed. If you are interested in purchasing work or commissioning Mitchell for private or public works, please email mitchell@mitchell-house.co.uk for details.
Many of sculptures in the Gallery are available for rental details available upon request.